Thursday, May 11, 2006

Project Update -

To get this started I thought maybe a Project Update might be in order. As many of you know, we began this Project in July of 2003. In just under three years we have 64 Y-DNA members, 2 mtDNA members plus two of our Y-DNA members have also done their mtDNA.

Of our 64 Y-DNA members, we have results back for 62 and they represent 39 separate and unrelated to one another Berry families.

Our largest group is the 'Augusta/Washington Co. Berrys' with 13 members. I have included our 2 'probables' (12 marker tests) in that number, I'm sure hopefully. 'Hopefully' because these are our two overseas members whose ancestors travelled from Ireland to Canada and Australia some 100 years later than those we know of for the stateside Berrys.

Our next largest group is the 'Benton Co. Berrys', being the descendants of Samuel Berry/Nancy Crow, with 7 members, followed by the 'Orange Co., NC Berrys' with 5 members, including one 'probable'. Then the 'Berry Plain Berrys' with 4 members, the 'Culpeper Co., VA Berrys' with 3 members, the 'Spartenburg Co., SC Berrys' with 2 members and the 'Berry/Faires Berrys' with 2 members.

We've had a couple of 'disappointments' and a few surprises. Surprises are nicer but disappointments enable us to focus our efforts where they will be more productive instead of continuuing to try to prove a relationship that doesn't exist.


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