Monday, June 26, 2006

Deep Clade Haplogroup Testing

Yesterday I reported that Brian, #49, and Keith, #54, were still awaiting results on their overdue R1b DeepSNP tests.   Today I read on one of the lists that some folks have partial results posted even though FTDNA has not sent them an email notification.   Evidently you only get the notification when the test is complete.   Both of our guys do have partial results with this caveat:
Your haplogroup assignment represents a partial result from your Deep Clade test.   One or more SNP tests failed to produce a clear result.   These SNPs are being rerun.   However all the SNPs that provided a result through the testing are displayed so that you can see what you are (+) and which SNPs you can rule out (-) at this time.
Both Brian and Keith are haplogroup R1b1c and have these partial results:
Brian  -  M173+ M207+ M269+ M343+ P25+ SRY10831.2+ 
M124- M126- M153- M157- M18- M198- M222- M56- M65- M73- M87- SRY2627-
Keith - M173+ M207+ M269+ M343+ P25+
M126- M153- M18- M222- M65- M73- SRY2627-
According to FTDNA, "[t]he value of a Deep Clade Panel test is to identify your twig of the Y DNA tree, and then to use this information to consult the scientific literature to determine the geographic locations identified for your twig.   As research progresses, more geographical specificity associated with SNPs will emerge."

For those interested in pursuing this subject further, here are a couple of links:
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