Thursday, June 29, 2006

Slow day

Not much seems to be going on on the DNA front.   Nothing much new on the discussion boards.   Everyone seems to be waiting for either results from their Deep SNP tests or from their 67 marker upgrades or for those that have their results, for the online tools to be upgraded to accept those new markers to begin doing some comparisons and analyses.   FTDNA has told their customers that they're having unexpected validation problems with their Deep SNP tests, that they'll post partial results where they have them but don't expect full results until the beginning of August.   No word on the ySearch or Family Tree DNA Time Predictor upgrades.

We did get our 73rd member today.   Karen Berry Lewander ordered the 67 marker test for her father.   Edward Jay Berry will be Participant #71 and seems to have ancestors among the Madison Co. (Virginia) Berrys.   His results will be interesting.

We might also have another participant.   Karen tells me she took advantage of the recent Argus BioSciences mtDNA promotion so if she chooses to post her results to the Project when she gets them, add one more (remember, we count mtDNA participants separately).

I'd be interested to hear from anyone else who ordered the Argus BioSciences mtDNA promotion.   Although their special Hypervariable Region Promotion has now concluded, their 'regular special' price for this test has been reduced to $75.   This is the same mtDNA test that sells for $159 elsewhere.


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