Sunday, June 25, 2006


Not much to report for having been gone for better than a week.   Brian, #49, has finally received his 67 marker results and they are posted.   He's still waiting for his DeepSNP-R1b as is Keith, #54.   Brent, #4 is refining his YDNA from 25 to 37 markers and we have a new transfer from the Genographic Project, Charles, #70, whose YDNA-12 results are posted but, unfortunately, don't match anyone.   Charles is our 72nd member.

The Augusta/Washington Berrys seem to be still waiting to see how helpful the 67 marker results appear to be before jumping in.   In addition, I suppose, to letting the dust settle and the kinks be worked out of FTDNA's testing for this new panel.   There's been little discussion on the boards of the results that have been delivered.   The primary discussion seems to be complaining about the time it has taken to get results and the failure to keep customers updated on the reasons therefor.

Oh, and I misspelled 'grisly'.   Used too many e's.


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