Sunday, July 23, 2006

DNA news

Jesse's (#21) 37 marker results are now back and guess what!   No one else in the Berry Plain group has more than 25 markers.   I expect that when more have come up to 37 markers or even all have gone to 67 markers, we may see some interesting and helpful family line delineations there.

In news of a more general nature, Family Tree DNA is purchasing DNA-Fingerprint.   See their Press Release.   I'm hopeful that what this means to us is that individual markers that we may be interested in will be more readily and economically available.   DNA-F was a leader and innovator in the development of tests for Y-STRs that were not included in the various packages available from other labs.   My understanding is that these tests for individual markers will continue to be available through FTDNA and, since your Y-DNA is stored with them, no separate extraction fee will be required.


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