Friday, August 18, 2006

More new results.

More new results today!   Now we have 37 markers each for Edward Berry, #71, and Todd Berry, #72.   They continue to be confirmed in their Culpeper Co. and Berry Plain family groups, respectively.   Edward with a distance of 2 from David Herbert, #57, and a distance of 3 from Brent, #4, and Harold Orville, #62;   and Todd with a distance of 3 from Jesse Thomas Berry, #21, the only other Berry Plain Berry to test to 37 markers.

I'm pleased to see that both have uploaded their results to ySearch.   You all should be aware that you need to do it again whenever new results come in.   Results, unfortunately, don't upload automatically even though you've chosen to upload them in the past.   If you have mitochondrial DNA test results, you should also upload them to the mitosearch database.   Same simple procedure.   Just click the upload link on your FTDNA personal pages.   Your mitosearch ID# will be the same as your ySearch ID#.

When Edward's 67 marker results arrive (expected early next month) he will join only Brian, #49, having tested to 67 markers in our Project although 67 marker results for James Dennis, #28, and Scott Enfield, #66, are in the pipeline, due early October and later this month, respectively.

I have previously written about the case for more markers in another context, but just came across this contribution by Orin Wells, of The Wells Family Research Association, to the the Genealogy DNA list:   "Bottom line is in my view 12 markers are still pretty worthless unless your objective is to prove that there is no connection and that 25/26 markers is probably OK IF you are dealing with the same surname AND you nave credible genealogy connecting the two testees.   Otherwise, if you can not find the connecting genealogical records I would advise going to 37/43 markers depending on the testing company."


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