Monday, August 14, 2006

More updates

This is my young friend, Myra, whom I've known for several years.   She's an amazing Old-time and Irish fiddler.   This is just a teaser as I'm still working on some video clips for my 'Sense of the Hiatus' post.   Maybe tomorrow.

In the meantime, more updates.

James Dennis Berry, #28, of the Berry Plain Berrys has upgraded from 25 markers to Y-DNA67!   Thanks Dennis.   This could provide good benchmark information for that family.

50 of his 67 markers have now been returned for Scott Enfield Berry, #66, and are posted to the results page.   As I mentioned yesterday, no matches yet.

yAncestrys have been posted for Norman Berry, #74, and for Robert Leo Berry, #75.

Jim Berry's (#7) SNP results, reported yesterday, apparently indicate that the haplogroup of the Augusta/Washington Co. Berry family is I1a*.
Chart courtesy FTDNA

"The '*' means 'all known subclades of I1a test negative'....   'I1a*' would then be 'I1a but no known subclade of I1a'.   In contrast, simply saying 'I1a' means 'I1a and not tested any further'," says Glen Todd.


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