Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Partial results

New Y-DNA1-12 results are in and posted for Michael Dwain Berry, #68.   The balance of his 37 marker results are not 'expected' until Sept. 15, but I believe today's results were early.   Alas, Michael matches no one already tested.   He represents, as near as I can figure, the 37th separate and unrelated Berry family tested!   He also represents the 44th unique Berry haplotype tested and I used to think that that meant 44 families until I finally realized that some related families do have differences of one marker at the 12 marker test, which is what I was basing my family count on.

And a new member!   Michael Curtis Berry will be #78.   As soon as I hear back from him with his yAncestry line I'll get it posted and give anyone who looks like they might be related a 'heads-up'.

This may be of interest to some:
Courtesy Global Warming Art.

It should concern all of us.


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