Sunday, August 13, 2006

Project update

Well, I'm back.   And, except for being seriously sleep deprived and a few pounds heavier, in reasonably good shape.

I want to give you a flavor of both Clifftop and the Augusta Heritage Program, but think I'll save that for a few days until we get a 'slow news day' and use today's post to bring you up to date on new Berry DNA events since August 1.

We have two new members, S. E. Berry, #76, who is our 80th member, and C. E. Berry, #77, our 81st member, both of whom have ordered Y-DNA37 tests.

Scott Enfield (#66) Berry's 37 marker results are back but, unfortunately, he doesn't match anyone who has already tested.   I was hopeful for the Augusta/Washington Berrys because the 'Enfield' name also shows up in that family, but I guess we'll have to find some other explanation for the like name usage.

Todd Andrew (#72) Berry's mitochondrial HVR1 & HVR2 results are back and he has a High Resolution match!   That would be pretty exciting!   What that means (I think) is that somewhere back in his matrilineal line he and the other person have a common female ancestor.   I don't think there's any way to tell how far back and it could be quite far.   Todd belongs mitochondrial haplogroup H.

Jim (#7) Berry's Ethnoancestry SNP test results were returned during my absence.   They are:
     M21 ancestral
     M227 ancestral
     M253 derived
     M72 ancestral
     P30 derived
     P38 derived
     P40 derived
Unfortunately, I don't know what they mean but I've posted an inquiry to the DNA list and expect to be able to tell you shortly.   I believe that they should have meaning to the entire Augusta/Washington Berry family.


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