Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sense of the hiatus - Clifftop

It's a slow DNA day so I thought I'd like to give you all a sense of how much fun I'm having and how you could, too. I'm going to post some photos and video clips from the two events I did on my last hiatus, Clifftop and Augusta.

While we're at Clifftop we stay at nearby Babcock State Park.   Here's our cabin.

And here's a night visitor.

Others stay right on the grounds of Camp Washington-Carver, formerly a 4-H camp for African-American youth.

You'll recall that Clifftop is the Appalachian String Band Music Festival.   Here's Myra with her sister, Amanda, and Ruthie and Josh, on stage.

and some others.

Old-time musicians seem to be largely anti-war.

Daytime jams

and night jams

just plain old singing.

and singing jams.

Maybe tomorrow, Augusta.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there, you posted a video of my band on this here blog. I hope you dont mind if we attach it to our myspace page.
thanks in advance
The Forge Mountain Diggers

7:54 PM  

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