Tuesday, September 12, 2006

SMGF matching

Well, I finally ran into the search limitation at SMGF (Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation).   You will recall that SMGF is a scientific endeavor to link DNA with genealogical lines, is free, and that I believe is something everyone should participate in.

I've written about Sorenson before:and, as I said, everyone should do it.

Well, back to my subject.   I wasn't counting but I was using the 'trial and error' method to determine the haplotype of one of the Berrys whose results had been posted to the Y-Chromosome database.   I was just beginning to input different values for the last of 34 markers when I got this message:
Sorry, your query limit for today has been reached.
The number of searches you may perform each day is limited as a security measure to prevent commercial exploitation of the Sorenson Database.
I guess I'll have to be aware of that if I'm trying to retrieve someone's markers for the Project.

Searching the Mitochondrial database at SMGF is much more difficult.    Presently you almost have to already have markers from some other source to compare with.

I'm not 100% certain about this but I think you should be able to tell whether your results might be available or not by checking to see that all the surnames in your matrilineal line are listed in their Maternal Surnames listing.   The part I'm uncertain about is whether 'Protected' (likely living) surnames are included in their listing, or how far back you must look.   I suspect that it might be easier to tell that you are not yet included than that you are, especially if you have a somewhat unusual surname in that line.

Other than checking this listing, there is presently no actual way to search the mitochondrial database by surname.   I do understand, however that they are planning to add that capability at some point and are already working on it.


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