Thursday, October 19, 2006

newsy bits

I mentioned Tuesday that YDNA1-12 results had arrived for D.F. Berry, #76, and that his first twelve markers seem to indicate a match with the Benton County Berrys.   His results weren't expected until Nov. 3.   I'm holding off posting those results in the 'Family View' because where 12 marker results are concerned 'there's many a slip 'twixt cup and lip' and we'll just have to see whether the Benton Co. match holds up.   It will be an exciting thing if it does because it may mean that we can approach the ancestry of the elusive Samuel Berry (m. Nancy Crow) from another tack.   The balance of D.F.'s 37 markers aren't expected until Nov. 17.   If you want to see what they are, they are posted to the 'Numerical View'.

Then yesterday evening, without any announcement, James Dennis Berry's, #28, YDNA38-47 results just showed up.   I just happened to look at FTDNA's 'Received Lab Results' page or I wouldn't have seen it.   Those results were part of Batch 166 and had been due (as had 48-67) on Oct. 2.   You can check here to see which results are still overdue.

Well, sadly, we lost a member last night.   William Carl Berry, #43, left us, I suspect to explore the Street and/or Kuykendall projects.   Carl may have been the victim of the dreaded 'NPE'.   I can't recall the details now but he had had a yAncestry posted expecting to match an established line, but didn't so asked me to pull it several months ago.   We wish him well in his search.


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