Saturday, November 25, 2006

Deep SNPs & Culpeper Co.

Well, I'm pleased to report that the R1b Deep SNP tests, so-o-o long overdue, came in yesterday for Brian, #49, and Keith, #54.   Didn't change a thing.   Both are (as they were) R1b1c.   I suppose that it refined the knowledge and excluded some other possibilities.   But it also looks like there are some 'S' SNPs out there that could further refine the haplogroup.

And I promised a cladogram of the Culpeper Co. Berrys 37 marker folks, so I also did some distances and an MRCA table.

Here are their haplotypes -
and here's their cladogram -
Now I'm no expert on reading these things but take a look at their male ancestries, here -and see if it doesn't look to you that if they could find the person that belongs out there where that 'mv1' is on the cladogram, they would have found a very important common ancestor who would tie this whole family together.

So here's a chart that might tell with a 75% probability about how far back they should expect to find that common ancestor -
And here are their genetic distances -I don't really see any recLOH events here that could impact these distances, but Ken's CDY mutation should be counted as a '1' under our 'Non-recLOH Event Multi-copy Marker Distance Counting Protocol' and the distance table would look like this.


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