Thursday, November 23, 2006

The drought is broken!

At long last!   A few results . . .

Not many.   Only two.   Kenneth, #80, a week or so early, and Michael, #38, right on time.   In the meanwhile, the half dozen tardy tests are more tardy.   Not to mention the two Deep SNP tests that are so tardy I won't mention them.

Michael's YDNA26-37 markers came in, the last of his upgrade, and he still doesn't match anyone.   Michael's closest participant is a genetic distance of ten at 37 markers.   Someone will come along.

Kenneth's markers were also YDNA26-37 but were only another segment of his 67 marker order.   The balance are due November 29 but good luck on that if the experience of our six others is any guide.

Actually, Kenneth is a Culpeper Co. Berry, coded aqua and that family is developing some interesting differences that might be quite helpful.   Of its seven members, six have now tested to 37 markers.   We'll have to see what a cladogram might reveal.

But, that'll have to be another day.   Now, I'm off to cook the turkey.


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