Wednesday, December 20, 2006

a bit of new results & New Members!

Kenneth Ray Berry, #80, and a member of the Culpeper Co. Berry family recieved his Y-DNA61-67 results yesterday evening.    This is one of the three panels that had been delayed to January 5.    He still has his Y-DNA38-47 and Y-DNA48-60 panels overdue.

Two new members!    Our 87th and 88th members!    Mike Berry, #68, signed up his cousin Ken Berry as #83 for a Y-DNA25 test and used one of the coupons, and Anne Young sent in Kevin Berry's Relative Genetics results.    Kevin is a cousin of Robert Leo Berry, #75, and together they make up a NEW Berry family, the Rockingham Co. Berrys.    Kevin will be participant #84.

Hm-m-m-m-m.    Bad news for me.    Notwithstanding FTDNA gave me an Expected Results date of November 17 for my advanced DYS marker tests, and notwithstanding they didn't adjust that date a couple weeks ago when the did their wholesale revision, it looks like my hopes may be dashed anyhow.    I just saw this response on the Genealogy-DNA list from Thomas Krahn, the head guy for their new Houston lab where I believe these tests are to be conducted:   "I expect to be back in Houston by mid January.    Then the FTDNA lab will really switch to production scale.    Right now we just do the full mtDNA sequences in Houston."

Only one 25 marker coupon left in the FTDNA Xmas Special!    Better hurry!


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