Wednesday, December 27, 2006

* * * HIATUS * * *

It's been a while  -  we leave this morning for our one vestigial bluegrass festival, the New Year's Bluegrass Festival at Jekyll Island, Georgia.    It's a long 10-12 hour drive down there and we're gettin a little tired of making it.    Problem is, we've got these great seats right down front at the corner of the stage and if we don't go every year we'll lose them.    Hm-m-m-m-m.

We're still uncertain whether we'll be back by this coming Monday or sometime later in the week.    We thought about spending a little time in Savannah after the festival just knocking around and seeing the sights  -  but neither of us seems to be very enthusiastic about it at the moment.    I guess we'll see.

This is a little different than our music trips to West Virginia.    We know the folks that sit around us and return year after year, but it's not the same as seeing our 'music family' in West Virginia.    That's where some of the best folks in the world hang out.

Oh yeah, DNA.    We still have one 25 marker coupon left in the FTDNA Xmas Special!    If someone wants that before it expires on the 31st just let Carol know and she'll help you through it.    Actually, we also still have the two $15 mtDNA coupons left, too, but I wouldn't recommend them.    If you're interested in mtDNA I'd advise taking a look at Argus Biosciences whose regular prices beat FTDNA's even with the coupon.


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