Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hooray!   Project news!

A new upgrade and a new member!   Michael Beery's, #69, 12 marker results are being upgraded to 37!   You may remember that Michael is our only Hap G participant.    In addition, Charles Milton Berry has joined the Project with a Y-DNA37 order.   It will be interesting to see who he might match.

I've also done a little work on the Culpeper Co. Berrys who we looked at recently but before Jonathan had all his 67 marker results returned.    Here are all their markers compared to the modal -

Next, their genetic distances -
Notice that the additional markers for Jonathan did not change their distances.   That's because there were no differences from Edward on those additional markers.   I'm not going to change this table to account for our 'Non-recLOH Event Multi-copy Marker Distance Counting Protocol'.    You can look back at the previous post for that.   Actually, I'd like some thoughts from any of you who are interested whether you think the 'Protocol' applies to these mutations and, if so, whether I've applied it correctly.

Then the max time to most recent common ancestor, in years - 75% probability -

And finally, their cladogram -
One of the reasons I might now question the application of the 'Protocol' is that it seems like it should also show up on the cladogram.    Of course, I don't know that much about interpreting cladograms either.    I have Colleen Fitzpatrick's book, Forensic Genealogy, on my Christmas list.    Maybe I'll get it and maybe it will teach me something about cladogram interpretation.    If not, I'll ask Colleen.

And what do they know about their yAncestry?
Still looking for that person out there who fits the modal and appears to have been their common ancestor.    That's where we have to go back to real genealogy where we dig through the records.

Woops!  --   What did I tell you?   One of the FTDNA Xmas Specials has now been used.   Don't delay  -   don't decide after they're gone!


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