Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Major Delays at FTDNA

These announcements showed up yesterday for the already past due DNA orders:

For the two delinquent Y-DNA48-60 Markers orders -
The members of the laboratory at the University would like to offer our sincere apologies for the recent delays in the results of the advanced marker panels.   I would like to assure you that we literally have our most experienced people working around the clock to solve this problem.    In order to perform the testing for the number of individuals and the number of markers that we provide, complex tests must be designed.     These reactions test multiple regions simultaneously.    Over the past several weeks two of our reactions have been producing results that do not pass our quality control standards.    Unfortunately these reactions contain large numbers of components, and while we are usually able to correct these problems within 7 to 12 days the "re-optimization" process is taking much longer than usual.    We have ordered replacements for all of the primary chemical components and will be working to provide all of the outstanding data as soon as possible.    If this date is passed we will update the expected date again.    Once again I apologize for any inconvenience that this delay may have caused.    Sincerely, Matthew E. Kaplan
with a new estimated result date of December 31, 2006.

For Kenneth's Y-DNA38-47, Y-DNA48-60 and Y-DNA61-67 Markers order -
The lab has been delayed because of problems with the other marker panels.    We apologize for the delay and expect results to be returned around this date.    If they are delayed pass this date, we will update the status.
with a new estimated result date of January 5, 2007.

So, the upshot is that the new 'revised' schedule is -
Product Test Name Batch EstResultDate
DYS434 DYS434 Jim,#7 174 11/27/2006
DYS435 DYS435 174 11/27/2006
DYS485 DYS485 174 11/27/2006
DYS495 DYS495 174 11/27/2006
DYS643 DYS643 174 11/27/2006
Y-Refine25to67 Y-DNA48-60 Markers Walter,#34 167 12/31/2006
Y-Refine37to67 Y-DNA48-60 Markers C. E.,#77 170 12/31/2006
Y-DNA67 Y-DNA38-47 Markers Kenneth, #80 173 1/05/2007
Y-DNA48-60 Markers 173 1/05/2007
Y-DNA61-67 Markers 173 1/05/2007
mtDNARefine HVR2 Mary Ann Lasley Lewis, #m4 182 1/22/2007
Our original schedule is here.

As I mentioned yesterday  --   One of the FTDNA Xmas Specials has now been used.   Don't delay  -   don't decide after they're all gone!


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