Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Oral History  -  part five

I don't see any indication that the current DNA drought is going to break anytime soon.    It has been two weeks since we received any results.    We do have two new participants but all that can happen with them in the near future is that their kits get returned and an anticipated Results date some time in February or March is posted for them.    Not too exciting.

I might as well go ahead and post today's movie before I go to bed rather than wait until morning.    You will remember, of course, that for lack of other news I've been posting a series of five short movies on Capturing the Past:  How to plan, conduct and preserve oral history.

So, complete with its commercial, here's the final topic, Part five, 'Preserving the Interview' -

The Project also has two 25 marker coupons and two mitochondrial coupons left in the FTDNA Xmas Special!


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