Friday, December 08, 2006


I owe Michael Curtis Berry, #78, an apology.   His mtDNA HVR1 results came in on October 2nd and I completely missed them.   Sorry, Michael.   They're posted now on the mtResults page.   But Michael, and everyone who hasn't yet done so, you really ought to go to your FTDNA Personal Page, click on the 'Setup Preferences' tab and select your matches to be set against the entire database.

Let's see, that would be Bobby, #3, Walter C., #6, David James, #11, David Wilson, #13, Walter G., #14, Frederick, #15, Richard, #16, William Thomas, #17, the family (Daniel, Kenneth, James and Robert) ##23, 24, 25 & 26, James Arthur, #29, Carmen, #32, Floyd, #53, Norman, #74, and Michael.   Or tell me to and I'll do it for you.

While we're tidying up, Edward Jay Berry, #71, (Karen Berry Lewander) please give me a current email address.   Your '' is bouncing.   Also, the email address for Madelyn Larkin at '' failed.

Another reminder.   Please check periodically to see that you've uploaded to ySearch any new markers you may have gotten.   This doesn't happen automatically, only semi-automatically.   You don't have to type the numbers in but you do have to click the 'Click here to upload to' line in the 'Y-DNA Matches' tab on your FTDNA Personal Page.   If that line's not there, no worry.   You've already done it.

And finally, don't forget the FTDNA Xmas Special!   Act now - don't decide after they're gone!


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