Friday, January 26, 2007

Berry/Barry in SMGF

Here's another Berry that has tested at SMGF that I can't identify as part of the Berry Family DNA Project.    Here are his SMGF results:

And here's his pedigree.Thomas Barry and Ernest Berry were born in Somerset Co., Maine in 1865 and 1890, respectively.    Apparantely there is some thought that Robert Barry may have been born in Ireland about 1839.

If you recognize this line, please let me know.

In other news, Kenneth, #80, a Culpeper Co. Berry, received his DeepSNP-R1b results yesterday, a bit over two weeks early.    His results are M207+ M173+ M343+ P25+ M269+ M18- M73- M37- M65- M126- M153- M160- SRY2627- M222- P66-, confirming his R1b1c designation and eliminating all the subclades of R1b1c that FTDNA tests for.    I understand that Ken is now ordering the Ethnoancestry R1b FT upgrade which tests SNPs S21, S26, S28 and S29 for subclades R1b1c9, R1b1c9*, R1b1c9a, R1b1c9b and R1b1c10.


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