Sunday, January 28, 2007

Faires - Rockingham Co. Berrys

I promised you the other day that we'd take a look at the surprising proximity of the 'modal' haplotypes of the Faires Berrys and the Rockingham Co. Berrys.

Here's the marker table.    The first three, Dennis, #31, Paul, #36, and David, #59, are Faires Berrys, with David being only a 'probable' since he's only tested 12 markers but has a paper trail matching Paul, and Dennis being a 'probable' because, although testing 25 markers, cannot connect on paper to the others.    The last two, Robert, #75, and Kevin, #84, are Rockingham Co. Berrys.

Next, the genetic distance table for the whole group -As you can see here, Paul is 'probably related' to all three, Dennis, Robert and Kevin.    I'm afraid that we continue to have to ignore David since his 12 markers will show a lot of spurious matches.    Robert is 'probably related' to Paul and is related to Kevin and Kevin is 'probably related' to Paul and is related to Robert.

All this can be seen more clearly in this 25 marker cladogram -Here you can see that at 25 markers Robert and Kevin are 'zero' distance from one another, and a distance of 2 from Paul and 4 from Dennis.    Paul is a distance of 2 from Robert/Kevin and 2 from Dennis.    Dennis is a distace of 2 from Paul and 4 from Robert/Kevin.    The distance between Robert and Kevin of 2 that we see in the Genetic Distance Table, above, is due to 2 mismatches in the seven additional markers they have in common with one another beyond the 25 markers common to all four.

And this TMRCA is sort of a 'throw away'-

Judging from the above, I strongly suspect a relationship here but this illustrates a problem common among all the Berry families.    When it comes to analysis we have too few participants with too few markers to make any meaningful findings.


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