Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Hot Now!

I've returned and I'll give you all a report or two on my journey and adventures as we get some more slow DNA days.    Now, however, I've apparently been gone long enough for some DNA news to occur.    Not a lot, but some.

First, Y-DNA48-60 markers for Walter Michael Berry, #34, of the Berry Plain Berrys, have arrived and now that family has three of its five members at 67 markers.    Those three are Walter, James, #28, and Todd, #72.    At 37 markers Walter was a distance of 3 from each James and Todd.    At 67 markers Walter is still a distance of 3 from Todd but is now a distance of 4 from James.    At 37 markers James is a distance of 2 from Todd and 3 from Walter, and at 67 markers a distance of 3 from Todd and 4 from Walter.    At 37 markers Todd is a distance of 2 from James and 3 from Walter.    At 67 markers Todd is a distance of 3 from James and still 3 from Walter.    When I get a chance I'll do some distance and TMRCA tables and a cladogram for these folks.    Maybe with those tools we'll be able to see whether any family line distinctions are apparent.

Second, an upgrade to 37 markers has been ordered for Robert Osmond Berry, #43.    That should be sent to the lab at 5 p.m., mountain time, this evening and then we'll have an estimate of when we might expect to see those results.    Robert is a 12 marker match with the Rockingham Co. Berrys and this test will either confirm or refute that match.

Lastly, I've received and posted in the 'unassigned' section the yAncestry for Charles Milton Berry, #66.    His test kit hasn't yet been returned so I can't even guess when his results might be available.    In the meanwhile, you might want to take a look at his yAncestry to see if it might be familiar to anyone.


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