Saturday, January 27, 2007

Surprising Results

Well, Carol Vass recognized the SMGF Berry/Lamoreaux guy as likely being a part of the Culpeper Co. Berry family by conventional means, i.e., looking at folks in his pedigree for matches.    She recognized (discovered?) that the George Berry/Sarah Clack couple in the Berry/Lamoreaux pedigree also showed up in Kenneth Berry's, #80, bio.

At the same time I was running a representative haplotype of each of our Berry Familys, plus the Berry/Lamoreaux haplotype and our SMGF Berry/Barry haplotype from yesterday, all through Dean McGee's Y-DNA Comparison Utility.

Here's the haplotype table:
Here's the genetic distance table:
and here's the TMRCA table:
Looking at the Genetic Distance Table we can see that Berry/Lamoreaux and Culpeper Co. are a genetic distance of 1, 'Related'.

The surprising result is that our Faires Berrys and our Rockingham Co. Berrys are a genetic distance of 2, 'Probably Related'!    Those folks better start looking for the relationship.    This may be just one family.

I'll take a closer look at the Culpeper Co. Berrys and the Faires Berrys and Rockingham Co. Berrys relationship later.

Stay tuned.


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