Wednesday, February 21, 2007

baby steps

Not too bad a response.    Day before yesterday I emailed fifteen of you who have not yet uploaded your results to YSearch offering to do the upload for you if you couldn't manage it.    I got responses from three of you.    20%.    That's o.k.    We're chipping away at it.
Oops!    Make that four!    26.6%.    I just got an email this morning that was sent at 2:00 p.m. yesterday?!    Must have been the bad weather slowed down the delivery truck.    I'll get right on it.

Remember - If you're thinking about upgrading or ordering any new tests where FTDNA already has your DNA sample on hand, TODAY'S the day to do it to save a week on getting your results.    Place the order before 4:30 or so this afternoon, Mountain Time, to avoid waiting up to a week additional for the next batch to be shipped out.


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