Friday, February 02, 2007

The Joy of DNA

This happened to me yesterday but it can happen to you at any time.    That's when out of the blue, with no prior warning or expectation, you suddenly have a DNA match that opens up whole new directions for research and discovery!    The Joy of DNA!

Charles, #66, matches the Augusta/Washington Co. Berrys!    My family!    Ken, #83, matches the Orange Co., NC Berrys but I think that was expected.    No one had a clue about Charles.

At least part of FTDNA's operation seems to be getting in gear.    Both Ken and Charles got their kits back to FTDNA on January 10th and received their results yesterday.    Three weeks!    Pretty good.    Ken got his Y-DNA1-12 markers results from his Y-DNA25 order and Charles got his Y-DNA1-12 and Y-DNA26-37 results from his Y-DNA37 order.

Our Unreceived Lab Results page now looks like this:
Product Test Name Batch EstResultDate
Y-Refine37to67 Y-DNA38-47 Markers Philip,#10 189 3/12/2007
Y-DNA48-60 Markers
Y-DNA61-67 Markers
DYS434 DYS434 Jim,#7 174 11/27/2006
DYS435 DYS435 174 11/27/2006
DYS485 DYS485 174 11/27/2006
DYS495 DYS495 174 11/27/2006
DYS643 DYS643 174 11/27/2006

Y-Refine12to37 Y-DNA13-25 Markers Robert,#43 186 2/21/2007

Y-DNA37 Y-DNA13-25 Markers Charles,#66 187 3/09/2007

Y-DNA37 Y-DNA13-25 Markers Richard,#82 187 3/09/2007

Y-DNA25 Y-DNA13-25 Markers Ken,#83 187 3/09/2007

Y-DNA12 Y-DNA1-12 Markers Gerald,#85 189 3/09/2007

mtDNARefine HVR2 Mary Ann Lasley Lewis, #m4 182 2/16/2007

Don't forget to upload new results to ySearch.

A bit of an aside.  -  I was just reading a favorable review of Microsoft's new Vista operating system written by Ian Tan of the Electric New Paper and was struck by his concluding advice.    "But if you've always wanted a smoother, sleeker and more Mac-like Windows experience, go for Vista."    Hm-m-m-m-m-m.    Why not go for a Mac?


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