Sunday, February 04, 2007

The last Berry . . . .

. . . that I found in the currently published SMGF database is not even currently a Berry but calls himself Parkinson.

Here is his SMGF haplotype -
and here is his pedigree -As you can see, William Berry/Parkinson, 1800-1831, for whatever reason took his mother's surname.    Illegitimate?    Husband deserted and mother called him Parkinson in a fit of pique?    We don't know but it's clear that there's a story here.    So why do I call him a Berry?

Take a look at this genetic distance table -A Berry in his paper trail and a genetic distance of 4, 'Probably Related', from the Berry Plain modal.    Sure is at least a good possibility.

For reference, here are the markers -
and the TMRCA table -


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