Saturday, February 24, 2007


We got one more ySearch upload, five!    33%    Not too bad.

PLUS.    We have two new participants.    Our 91st participant, Nat Berry, #87, just receive his Y-DNA12 results and joined the Project.    Those results are posted.    He thinks he really is a Coffey.    We don't have his yAncestry to post, yet, but any of you with Coffey's or Coffee's in your line might want to contact him.    In addition, our 92nd participant, BJ Berry, #88, is a descendant of Prettyman (Isn't that a great name!) Berry.    Again, his yAncestry is forthcoming.    I don't know whether BJ expects to match any of our existing families or not.


Anonymous said...

My husband had his DNA done a few months ago. We receive into that it has been completed but when we go to the DNA site is shows him related to people other than Berrys. We are related to one of the participants, B J Berrykeeper, but to date we aren't showing up as a match to her or any other Berrys. When will this info appear?? See results for Darnel Berry, related to Prettyman Berry.

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