Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Those 'amorphous' Berrys

I thought we might try to examine a little further the question posed in yesterday's blog post about the interrelationships among that group made up of the Faires Berrys, the Rockingham Co. Berrys, the Barry/Berrys, the Spartanburg Co., SC Berrys, together with Robert, #43, Lawrence, #61, and Gerald, #64, and whether all or part of them might be part of the same Family.    For starters, here's their marker table showing distances from a calculated modal for all -Clay, #41, and David, #59, with only 12 markers each may show less distance simply because, as I explained earlier, they have less markers to differ on.

Not sure that generating a modal for several different groups and then seeing how far each differs from that modal is the way to discover whether any or all are related.

Let's try some cladograms.    You will recall that in order to generate a cladogram each person has to have tested the same markers to compare with one another.    All the folks in this group have tested 12 markers so here are their 12 markers compared.
Judging from this cladogram we would say that Robert, Kevin, Robert and Lawrence are likely related to one another and that group is possibly related to Gerald.    That C.E., William, Dean and David are likely related to one another and they could possibly be related to Wayne and Clay who are likely related to one another, and that Dennis is probaly not related to anyone.

This 24 marker cladogram shows only C.E. and William related to one another.    Everyone else would appear to be unrelated here.

From this 25 marker cladogram we would judge that C.E. and William were related to one another and that Robert and Kevin are also related to one another but that neither pair is related to the other, that Dean is probably related to Robert and Kevin and that Dennis is probably related to Dean.    It would appear that Gerald is probably not related to Robert and Kevin and certainly not related to anyone else, nor is Lawrence or Wayne.

At 32 markers C.E. and William are still together but of the others, only Robert and Kevin appear close enough to probably be related to one another.

Finally, of those who tested 37 markers only C.E. and William remain close enough to be related.

It's very difficult to make any judgment about the relatedness of this group as a whole when only four of the twelve have tested the same 37 markers.    Judging from at least 24 markers, however, I believe we could say that Gerald, Lawrence and Robert,#43, appear to be certainly unrelated to one another and to the Barry/Berrys and that the Barry/Berrys are unrelated to the Rockingham Co. Berrys, but I don't think we can be certain yet, from this evidence, whether the Faires Berrys and the Rockingham Co. Berrys are related to one another, or not.    I think the jury's still out on the Spartanburg Co., SC Berrys but they also seem unlikely to be related to any of the others examined.


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