Friday, February 23, 2007

warm now

We do have one new result.    Philip, #10, got the balance of his Y-Refine37to67 upgrade yesterday.    Alas, no matches.    Philip, and anyone else who has gotten recent results, should go his FTDNA Personal Page and upload them to YSearch from their Y-DNA Matches tab.

Hm-m-m-m-m.    I think I have to amend the signal.    This may be BIG for the Augusta/Washington Co. Berrys!    The Y-Refine12to37 upgrade has just been ordered for Patrick Berry, #60.    The reason this may be big for the Augusta/Washington Co. Berrys is that we and Patrick match 11/12 on the first 12 markers and his ancestors traveled to Australia from Ireland almost 100 years after the Augusta/Washington immigrants are believed to have come to this country from Ireland.    We've never been able to establish a paper trail back to Ireland.    If we continue to match at 37 markers, this IS big!


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