Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Orange Co., NC Berrys

New results for the Orange Co., NC Berrys.    Jeff's, #44, Y-DNA37 results arrived yesterday.    Five of the six members of that family now have 37 markers.    I decided to go ahead and run new tables and a cladogram.    I was going to have the utility generate a modal to compare everyone to but, as it turns out, Wiley, #18, is modal for the group at this time, hence the highlighting of his data.

First, here are the haplotypes for each.
Next, Genetic distances.
And Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor, at 75% probability.
And finally, their cladogram for the five that have tested 37 markers.It would be interesting to see where Ken, #83, might fit in here if he had 37 markers.

It's also interesting to compare their yAncestry with their TMRCA and their cladogram.
Jeff and Ken both need to upload their results to YSearch.


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