Saturday, March 31, 2007

Strawberry Bank Berrys revisited

I have just posted the following message on the Berry forums and thought I should share it here, also.

"I posted recently about a new online database for the Strawbery Banke Berrys. That database has now been expanded and enhanced and may be found here:

In addition, I have now put the Berry Family Cemetery just outside Rye, NH, online. This consists of photographic overviews of the cemetery itself as well as photographs of each of the 52 gravestones located there. It may be found here:

As before, the purpose of both these offerings is to encourage members of this Berry family to participate in the Berry Family DNA Project, the particulars of which may be seen here:

In any event, I would appreciate any additions or corrections offered in order to keep these sites as useful as possible."

original Strawbery Banke Berrys post.


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