Monday, April 02, 2007

another Augusta/Washington Co. Berry

Woo!   Hoo!   My half-3rd cousin just joined the Project yesterday!    Testing 37 markers.    Artie, #90, is or 94th member.    Our Great Grandfathers are half-brothers.    I wonder how many markers it will take to show some separation?    That is, unless one of us is a 'mutant'.

You all have noticed that I use the Krispy Kreme 'Hot Now' sign to signal some sort of worthwhile news for the Project.    Well, just after I said I was going to do that, both Artie (who must have been lurking) and my son the graphic artist suggested that I could replace 'DOUGHNUTS' with 'BERRY DNA' in the sign.    Artie even sent me a suggested look for it.    Well, since my son is a graphic artist and a very good one, I opted to ask him to follow through with the idea for me -- but in honor of Artie's joining the Project, I decided to use his just this one time.    Thanks, Artie.


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