Saturday, April 07, 2007

Bummed . . . a little

Well, my 'expected/estimated' date came and went (again) without results.    And I don't really resent other's good fortune, as in getting partial results 17 days BEFORE the estimated result date!    That's what happened to David, #57, a Culpeper Co. Berry, whose Y-DNA38-47 and Y-DNA61-67 markers 'crept' in unannounced yesterday.    These things just show up and if I hadn't been looking for mine I might not have seen them.    This was part of his Y-Refine37to67 upgrade and when the final panel comes in they'll let everyone know.

Unfortunately, so far, they're not much help.    David's new markers have no differences from any of the other three in the family who have tested 67 markers.    Maybe the last panel. . . ?


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