Monday, April 16, 2007


I must confess that I completely forgot about a recent notice from DNA Heritage, where I also administer the Berry DNA Project, that John W. Berry had ordered their 43 marker test.    Until today, that is, when I got notice from them that his results are in.    I've gone ahead and posted his results as #92 even though I've never gotten a response from him.    Hopefully, now that his results are back I'll hear from him.

The reason I post them is that John's haplogroup is predicted as I1a and I wanted to compare them with everyone in our Project to see who he might match.    I'm not going to post the table showing genetic distances from everyone because, frankly, it's just too much work and he doesn't match anyone.

I will post the genetic distance table for John's comparison with all the Hg I's in the Project, however, as these are the ones we would expect a match from.
As you can see, not to be.


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