Friday, April 06, 2007

The Hawkins Co. Berrys

First, an aside.    Today's (another) 'expected' results date for a couple of my advanced order markers, the first being last Nov. 27th.    We'll see.

Well, another aside.    We seem to have a new Project member.    I say 'seem to' because although Ronald Berry has placed his Y-DNA12 order with FTDNA, he hasn't responded to my welcoming inquiry so I don't know whether he expects to match any of our existing families.    If he responds he'll be our 95th member.

OK.    The Hawkins Co. Berrys.    That's Hawkins Co., Tennessee, and they are possibly of more interest to the Augusta/Washington Co. Berrys than to others.    Jerry, #45, is technically a Hawkins Co. Berry and Wendell, #47, may be also.    There seem to be one group of Berrys around Bulls Gap and another in Lee Valley that may or may not be related to each other.    At any rate, it would be a good thing if more descendants of these two groups got interested in testing so we could try to clear up these relationships.

In an effort to generate some more interest I've redone and expanded (somewhat) my Hawkins Co. Berrys website.    Where are you folks?


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