Monday, April 09, 2007

slim pickins'

Well, things are tough when no new markers are coming in to talk about.    And it's not looking good for the near future.    Here's the present state and extent of our outstanding orders:
Product Test Name Batch EstResultDate
DYS485 DYS485 Jim,#7 174 11/27/2006
DYS495 DYS495 174
DXYS156 DXYS156 196 4/30/2007
DYS714 DYS714 196
DYS716 DYS716 196
DYS717 DYS717 196

Y-Refine37to67 Y-DNA48-60 Markers David#57 195 4/23/2007

In addition, we only have three kits that have been sent out and not returned yet in our outlook.    BJ's, #88, results should be very interesting.    Artie's, #90, should be as well.    We sort of have a good idea what to expect but never know when that 'difference' might occur.    Haven't had an answer from Ronald yet to have any idea where he may end up.    Nor whether he wants to be in the Project.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I mailed my kit to Houston yesterday (4/9). I note the instructions said it normally takes 5 to 7 weeks for results. Guess I'll get an estimated result date after they receive it.

Thanks for showing my attempt at a "Berry DNA/Hot Now" logo in your Apr 2 blog. So far there can't be any argument that it's the best one out there (assuming you have published all of them). However, I've looked at some of your son Jon's work and realize there won't be any competition when he finally does produce a logo.


10:59 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

ah! so much pressure!!! :)

2:51 AM  

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