Wednesday, April 04, 2007

stealth no more

Well, I'm surprised.    I certainly didn't expect to get the balance of Patrick's, #60, results this soon, two weeks before their estimated return.    But they came in yesterday.    Since his upgrade order is now complete, Patrick should go to his FTDNA personal page and upload his new results to ySearch.    They make it very simple to do.    In the Y-DNA Matches tab just click on the line that says, "Click here to upload the additional markers to" and it's done.

You will recall yesterday that at 24 markers the distance table itself seemed to be indicating some doubt about Patrick's 'relatedness'.    Here's our new distance table at 37 markers.
As we can see, Patrick is much more comfortably a member of the Augusta/Washington Co. Berry Family.

If you're interested in the actual marker values themselves, they can be seen here.

And, as promised, here's a cladogram for the dozen Augusta/Washington Co. Berrys that now have 37 marker results.
Definitely a star pattern which, I believe, is supposed to be an indication of the ancestral haplotype.

Carol Vass has been after me to do a cladogram leaving out the 'volatile' CDYa&b markers.    Here it is.
Now maybe she'll tell us what it shows.


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