Friday, May 11, 2007

happy birthday

Wow!    It was a year ago that I wrote my first blog post.    This is my 269th post.    I can't imagine that there was really that much to talk about.    Probably wasn't.    Sort of like giving a guy a microphone.    You can't get him to shut up and you can't get it away from him.

But we do have results!    BJ, #88, in batch 200 had Y-DNA1-25 results returned of his Y-DNA37 order.    Haplogroup R1b1 with no Berry matches.    This is a somewhat inexact science but as best I can tell it looks like BJ represents the 46th separate and unrelated to each other Berry family among our 90 reported Y-DNA participants.    Who would have imagined so many unrelated Berry families?


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