Wednesday, May 02, 2007

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SMGF has posted a new upload.    They may have announced it, I really can't tell.    I'm on their email list and they sent out an issue of Molecular Connections.    I still can't tell if there's an announcement in there or not, but it reminded me to take a look at my own SMGF results.    They went from 19 markers (18/18) to 23 markers (19/19).    Disappointed?    Yep.    Why?    Because I'm too cheap to buy DYS441 from FTDNA when I know that (eventually) SMGF will give it to me for free.    Pitiful.

The new marker(s) added to my haplotype this round was DYS464 which confirmed FTDNA's results but which I already have.    I guess confirmation has some value.    When I get a chance I'll check the other's of you that have SMGF results posted to see if you have anything new, and I'll see if I can find any brand new BERRY postings.

Grant's, #93, kit was returned to FTDNA yesterday.    It will be sent to the lab later today and then tomorrow I'll post an updated 'pipeline'.

Today is 'batch shipment day'.    Save a week, save the world.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi - I can see now why you decided to go to DNA testing. I have been looking at the information, sources, etc from the Lynn Berry Hamilton Book, from the Augusta Cty Berry's, and from the Missouri Berrey's - somehow we may have the names mixed up as to who belongs to whom - maybe be don't have complete names - or maybe those John's were married more than once. I thought superimposing the Borden/Beverley grant maps over the Scheel maps of Madison and Culpeper Counties would help, but we'd need land grants and patents of Mark Finks also. Does anyone have these? Also a copy of his will? It's very curious that almost all of these families appear in Monroe/Audrain Counties of Missouri, and marry into other families from Augusta/Madison/Rappahannock/Orange Counties VA, but with only a few exceptions, no close i.e. first cousin, marriages. Did they know something we don't?
My son, now deceased, made a guitar when he was on Diego Garcia. He spent his time in Gene Liberty's workshop in DeKalb, IL. and was going to start a business making the fins for his windsurfing boards. Maybe we are the German Baehre's afterall. Barbara Jo

4:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barbara Jo:
I have done extensive research in Augusta Co, VA for BERRYs, but I'm not aware of a Lynn Berry Hamilton book, nor any connections to Madison or Culpeper counties for those Augusta BERRYs -- but would dearly love to know what you know.

Please contact me at


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