Friday, May 18, 2007

yes, we have more results

This time it was John, #91, whose Y-DNA12 results were reported yesterday, originally estimated for June 8 in batch 202.    From all appearances John would seem to be a Culpeper Co. Berry.    I've included his yAncestry with the Culpeper Co. Berrys with John labeled a
** possible ** since he has no paper connection and has tested only 12 markers.    This is one of those times when an upgrade to at least 37 markers is a necessity.

The Culpeper Co. Berrys are a curious lot.    There are eight of them plus one that we've hijacked from SMGF.    And they haven't really discovered a common ancestor.    In fact, the line that extends back furthest is the SMGF line.    Culpeper Co. Berry's yAncestry.

This is also illustrated by their 37 marker cladogram on which everyone seems to be connected to someone as yet undiscovered.


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