Monday, November 19, 2007

Augusta mystery guy revealed
   and SMGF results (cont.)

Google is a little scary!    Within hours of posting yesterday's blog the blog post itself became a result of my Google search for the Augusta mystery guy.    I am happy to report that he is a mystery no longer.    He is James W. Berry, PhD, Professor Emeritus, 1996, Butler University, biologist, currently the Editor of Journal of Arachnology, and the Editor of Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science, and now #102 in the Project.    Welcome, Jim.

But, try as I might, I don't seem to be able to glean any additional Y-DNA Berry results from the SMGF database.    I've looked at all those we had previously accounted for and reported on and no additional allele results were posted for any of them.    I'd be pleased to be corrected if anyone sees anything that I've missed.

As to the mtDNA results, I don't exactly know what to do with them, if anything.    A search by (approximate) surname yields 250 results with some form of the surname Berry somewhere in the matrilineal line (still think 'matrilineal line' is redundant, but it does seem to convey what I want to describe).    A search by (exact) surname yields 59 results.    I'll keep looking.


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