Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Scot and a Mystery

A Scot and a mystery.    We had two new 'sign-ups' for Y-DNA testing in the Berry Project at FTDNA yesterday.

The first could be a real coup!    Patrick, #60, has been doing some really diligent searching for living Berrys who might be able to test whether his family descended from a Berrynarbor branch of the family in northern Devon and went to Wales and then Ireland.    Hopefully he's found such a person in Donald Berry who will be participant #103 with a Y-DNA37 test.

Oh, by the way, Donald's test took the second $30 gift certificate so we now have two Y-DNA25 and two mtDNA certificates left, each worth $15 toward one of those tests, details here.    Remember, don't delay  --   first come, first served.

Now the mystery.    The other 'sign-up' was by a fellow named Edwards for a Y-DNA12 test for "tbd" Berry.    TBD?    Is that 'to be determined'?    I wrote to inquire but haven't heard back yet.    Could be interesting -- or not.

Everyone needs a little mystery.


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