Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Gordon's, #99, results came in yesterday showing the first difference we've seen in the Y-DNA38-67 test for the Augusta/Washington Co. Berrys.    I promise I'll do a cladogram as soon as my new laptop arrives.    Even though we'll have only five haplotypes to compare.

John's, #42, Y-DNA13-25 results also arrived yesterday.    Although John has no matches to date, now with 25 markers there should be no ambiguity when that first one does show up.

Gordon and John should both go to their FTDNA personal pages, Y-DNA Matches tab, to click the 'Click here to upload to Ysearch.org' line to post their new markers to Ysearch.    If either of you need any help with that, just click here to let me know.

In case any of you know anyone interested in a NEW 25 marker Y-DNA test or a NEW mtDNA test, we still have two $15 gift certificates for each to use before December 31st.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My brother, Robert Forrest Berrey, a Missouri/Illinois Berrey from Madison/Culpeper Berrys finally agreed to send in his DNA sample. Did I miss you saying you had received it? If yes, when will the results be back?

12:06 AM  

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