Friday, December 28, 2007

Big Woop!

OK.    I never ever wanted to be a data entry person -- and apparently with good reason!    In trying to explain to Ben the David's, #101, double mutation at DYS392 I discovered that I'd made a data entry error by entering the marker's position rather than its value.    No mutation there at all.    David is 13 just like everyone else.

So I've redone the cladogram and, while similar, it is now correct.
The OC genetic distance table -
And finally, the dreaded Mersa -
Ken, #83, and David need to now need to go to their 'Y-DNA Matches' tab on their FTDNA personal pages to upload their new results to ySearch.    Take a look for the 'Click here to upload to' line.    Click it.    I'll pick up your ID's when I see you've done it and put a Ysearch tab on the yResults pages.


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