Sunday, December 02, 2007

A New UK Participant!

Thanks to Patrick's, #60, searching the hinterlands we have a new 'old country' participant in the Project, John Berry (who will be Participant #106) from Hereford, County of Herefordshire, UK.    John is sponsored by Norma Pink, his 1st cousin, and tested at Family Genetics, Ltd., a lab in Stockport, UK.

Unfortunately, John doesn't match anyone yet but when he does someone is going to have a real 'leg up'!

Here's a Genetic Distance chart comparing John's 26 markers with the rest of the Project.

John is the first line, 106-, (I did the chart before I estimated him to be Hg I1a) and each line following represents a participant by his Participant # and haplogroup.

Not every Participant is included.    Each 'Unassigned' is, but each Berry 'family' is represented by one of its members, usually the one with the most markers tested.

Although John doesn't match anyone he is closest to the Augusta/Washington Co. Berrys with a GD of 5 out of 26 markers.    I suppose that shouldn't be unexpected since most of the other folks are different haplogrups from him.

Also, a warning - I am not absolutely certain of John's allele values as stated.    I have written to Family Genetics asking about any nomenclature conversions needed to conform their results to FTDNA's.    Should I learn of any differences I'll redo the comparison and post the results here.


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