Thursday, December 27, 2007

Orange Co., NC Berrys

The last of David's, #101, markers came in yesterday and thankfully he had some differences in this final batch.    I say thankfully because we already knew that he was related from his other markers and we'd like to see if these differences help us determine the interrelationships among the family.

These marker differences are shown in the yResults 'Family View' and from the few members we have to this point, it would appear that Wiley, #18, might represent the ancestral haplotype.    Maybe.You can't really see the subtle differences in shading in this copy so you ought to examine the markers here on the yResults page.

The new markers deserve a cladogram showing the marker differences and relationships among these folks, so here it is - I wonder if this cladogram is telling us that the ancestral haplotype might be Billy, #8?
I don't know this family and I'll be happy to pass along any analysis the genealogists in this family would like to share.


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