Sunday, January 13, 2008

113 & 114

You'd think that Brian, #49, must be getting tired of still being in the 'unassigned' category.    He's sponsoring two of his (paper) cousins for Y-DNA37 tests - James E. Berry, #108, and Michael J. Berry, #109, our 113th and 114th participants.

A friendly reminder - Everyone should go to your FTDNA Personal Page:   First, click on the 'Setup Preferences' tab and select your matches to be set against the entire database.    Leaving it set to "display of matches only to my Surname Project" will severely limit your opportunity to see matches that may be of interest to you but are not yet in the Project.    Severely, as in 'No Chance'.    One exception to this advice is that if you have more than 12 markers tested it will probably be a good idea to uncheck the 12 marker button.    Since 12 marker matches are mostly meaningless this will avoid those 'dear cousin' emails from folks with different surnames.


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