Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Headin' out

Happy New Year!    First thing tomorrow morning we head out to Jekyll Island, Georgia, for our vestigial bluegrass festival.    Then, from there, on down to Florida 'for a while'.

Too bad.    With my new laptop there'll be no escaping me this year.

A small, easily surmountable problem is that the Redskins are a Wild Card team in the playoffs this year and they play the Seahawks Saturday at 4:30 - sort of in the middle of the music.    Not to worry, though, each band plays two sets, one early and one late, except Ralph Stanley.    We'll miss the second set of a couple of bands and get to see most of Ralph's.    Assuming no overtime.

The good part is that the dogs get to go with us for this trip.    I'm not sure whether it's harder on them or harder on us when they have to stay behind.

Well, back to packing.


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