Thursday, January 10, 2008

A new Madison Co. Berry

Sorry, again.    Seem to have run into a 'burn out/writer's block/event overload' or just plain tired and couldn't seem to make myself get to 'day three' as I promised.

Fortunately, life intervenes and we have new results for Charles, #104, who tested at DNA Heritage.     As you no doubt recall, I have a new laptop and seem to have failed at my attempt to transfer over my old emails.    As a consequence I don't know whether we expected Charles to be a Madison Co. Berry or not.    I don't seem to have a yAncestry for him yet unless it was in one of those emails that failed to transfer.

But here's what we do know.

And here for the Madison County markers.

And, in the process of transferring his results from DNAH into our website, I discovered (at least 'discovered' for me) an 'easy' way to convert results from one lab's protocol to another's.    In Charles' case I went to the SMGF Search the Y database site, selected DNA Heritage, and entered his results.    I then changed the format to FTDNA (which is what we use on the Project website) and they automatically converted!    Magic!


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